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MORE MUSIC! A fully downloadable collection of midi, RealAudio, and other music files. This site is organized and easy to use. The quality site; I make a point of having all my links work.
This page randomly selects, and plays music from my music files. Every time you load the page it will select another piece of music. If you don't believe me....just try it!....hit reload.

This site is best viewed in Netscape 4.0 or better.

I have not been updating my page for quite some time now, and I must apologize to all of you that come here regularly hoping for more music. I will be regularly updating the site from this day forward. Let it be known......from this the 15th of December we will make this site more fun!! Comments, links to streaming RealAudio sound, ideas, images, and input are more than welcome. I will also be opening an art gallery for anyone who wishes to post their artwork. Feel free to e-mail me.
Welcome to my music site. Here you will find fully downloadable RealAudio music files, midi, info, fun, links, and whatever else you choose to bring with you! We will soon be adding MP3s. Everyone knows me as Music Man. I am your host, and the current caretaker of this site.